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Chain smoker baby name Ardi Rizal

#1.He certainly has changed a lot since then.

Chain Smoker Baby

The Story Of Ardi Rizal Went Viral,Few Years back, Ardi was a toddler living in Sumatra, Indonesia, known far and wide for his 40 cigarette-per-day smoking addiction.Then, the boy’s story and photos generated so much outrage worldwide, that the Indonesian government was prompted to take a stand against childhood smoking.

Chain smoker baby started smoke when he was two

#2.The young boy has kicked the habit and turned his life around.

Chain Smoker Baby

But it hasn’t been an easy journey for the little boy who developed a food addiction after giving up cigarettes when he was five.That caused him to pile on weight, but over the last few years he has managed to lose the extra pounds.The boy from a remote village in Sumatra became the focus of international concern when the photos of him smoking were first revealed.

#3.Ardi Rizal Was Given Effective Treatment For His Smoking Addiction

Chain Smoker Baby

But his mother Diane said things were difficult at first because people would recognize him, and offer him cigarettes.Ardi was only two years old when he became addicted.Ardi was only two years old when he became addicted.

Chain smoker baby became addicted to food and packed on the pounds.

#4.Unfortunately, the addict population doesn't stop at 15.

Chain Smoker Baby

Ardi kicked the cigarette habit, but began craving something else: food.Ardi became addicted to food and packed on the pounds.He became dangerously overweight.With government intervention and intensive specialist care, Ardi’s parents were able to wean him off cigarettes, only to have his addiction replaced with one to food.

#5.After his Long Struggle With Addiction Finally Comes To An End.

Chain Smoker Baby

His Long Struggle With Addiction Finally Comes To An End.Ardi visited a nutritionist to get his weight in check and learn to eat a balanced diet. Today, he is looking and feeling much better.

Chain-smoker baby finally gets rid of the addiction.