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Facebook Post Some Incredible Fact Is Unreliable.They Lost Everything They Owned Because Of This Facebook Post

In modern times, sharing too much information on the internet can often be risky. Although people do not know to share personal information on random websites, many people think that Facebook is trustworthy enough to do business transactions. Sadly, a British couple lost everything due to the Facebook scam.

Mark Higgins and Becky Sasson, a proud child of a small child, decided to go home to Mark's work, so he started looking for a well-known company. Becky received a company profile on Facebook for a moving company owned by a person named Lee Green. After talking with Lee Green and looking at her professional website, Becky hired her company to help her move the family. Movers seemed skilled and hardworking when they arrived at the time immediately and managed to pack all the accessories of the couple within just an hour.

There are many decisions that people who are in committed relationships need to make together. Among these decisions, where to live has to be one of the hardest, especially when factors such as family and work come into play. When British couple Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk had to make a decision such as this, they decided it was best to move closer to Mark's place of work. However, they couldn't find anyone to help them move.

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So they decided to look for a reliable moving company on Facebook post.

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