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Husband prevented the wife from playing PUBG MOBILE GAME

then Wife called his brothers and lodged a report in the police station.

Whenever the husbands come home, they found the wife busy in the PUBG MOBILE GAME, She does not pay attention to him.

PUBG MOBILE GAME is very entertaining but it is weast your time much more.

There is a dispute between husband and wife due to PUBG MOBILE GAME addiction. The matter increased so much that the wife complained to her husband's police. The case belongs to the village situated on the Amb subdivision of Himachal. Husband acts as a worshiper. At the same time, the wife is the Housewife.

According to the information, wife is addicted to PUBG MOBILE GAME. There was a dispute between husband and wife during the day. Disturbed by the addiction of playing wife's wife, the husband deleted her from the mobile. But, when the husband reached home two days ago, he saw that the wife is playing again the PUBG MOBILE GAME. Worried, the husband phoned the in-laws to explain the wife.

pubg mobile game

At the same time, on the other hand, the husband has alleged that whenever he returned home from his work for the past one month, his wife was busy playing PUBG MOBILE GAME. Regardless of what he said repeatedly, the wife did not listen to him anymore.